Often online links are moved or broken. If so, please contact us and in the meantime, we recommend searching “Native American flute” with the keywords below to find the information you need…

World Flute Society, the premier organization for indigenous/world flutes, headed by Dr. Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl, has affordable membership and features a quarterly publication (digital and print versions), quarterly flute raffle, annual convention, songbook of world music, CD downloads, educational information, suggested reading, links to flute festivals, schools and gatherings, and a directory of flute circles, flute makers, instructors and world events… and much more. The WFS was formerly known as The International Native American Flute Association (INAFA).

Flute Tree Foundation, studies and promotes indigenous instruments from cultures around the world, focuses on education, and features Fibonacci Song Mapping (making up songs using the numbers or the letters in your name), an extensive songbook for 5-hole, 6-hole, diatonic and rim blown flutes (with customized flute maker fingering options), an easy to use Song Convertor tool for notating your music, excellent articles on purchasing a flute and flute care, plus many other helpful resources. - an Encyclopedia for the Native American Flute

Flutopedia, a Comprehensive Native American Flute Encyclopedia by Clint Goss, includes everything — and I mean everything — you would ever want to know about the Native American flute… its anatomy, cultural history and evolution, crafting, care and maintenance, playing techniques, etc. Also related are links to FluteCast Instructional Videos on YouTube, Native Flute School annual facilitator’s workshop, Clint & Vera’s Native Flute Handbook, Playing Modes on the Native American Flute by R. Iván Iriarte, and Poetry for the Native American Flute.

Music for People: weekend or week long improvisation workshops for everyone — discover your inner musician, no prior musical experience necessary. The Bill of Musical Rights sets the tone for self-expression, acceptance, authenticity, exploration, and discovery in a safe environment. MFP asks that everyone just show up and trust the process. For a deeper commitment, the Musicianship Leadership Program is available.

Backing Tracks

Play at home with rhythm tracks that fit any flute tuning with Stephen DeRuby’s Rhythms to Accompany the Native Flute CD, for purchase, which is a standard for Native American-style flute. Sample all 15 songs on YouTube playlist for FREE.

Jan Michael Looking Wolf backing tracks, for purchase, come in the most popular keys. Play along for FREE on YouTube. Search for the rhythm track with authentic Native American sound to put you in the Spirit. (As a side note, Jan Michael Looking Wolf’s FREE Fun Flute Tips! are short video lessons worth exploring to help expand your playing techniques.)

Tom Bailey has Acoustic Backing Tracks for Native American Flute. Search the Tom Bailey YouTube Channel for the Epic Country Western Acoustic Guitar Backing Track called Canyon Wind in A-minor, B-minor, C-minor, D-minor, E-minor and F-minor. Also search for the Native American Flute Guitar Backing Track in G-minor.

My Darn Jam Tracks and Fuzzville are two more YouTube Channels with FREE play-along backing tracks.

Clint Goss Native American Flute Jam Tracks CDs are available in the most popular flute keys to help you feel like a professional performer but without the stage fright. Also available are USB Jam Tracks in All Keys, by Ron Volkman.  In addition, Flute circles may enjoy the Playshop Groove Tracks.

Jonny Lipford Music Backing Tracks: contemporary instrumental music tracks in every key, ambient pads for all keys,  tribal rhythms for any key, and new age tracks for standard tuning and 432Hz tuning. There are also songs with backing tracks and accompanying sheet music for performers.

If you are chilling out at home you may want to try Jeff Perry Background Music for Native American Flute. You can preview songs at Amazon (Vol.1), Apple Music (Vol.2), or listen to full tracks on Spotify (Vol.3).

Christmas Songbooks

Ten Tunes for Christmas to play on Your Native American Style Flute, solos arranged by Judy Robinson.

Native American Style Flute Christmas Songs and Duets selected and arranged by Ami Sarasvati.

Christmas Hymns & Carols section of the Flute Tree Foundation Contemporary Minor Key Native American Flute Songbook.


Kunaki is a manufacturing-publishing-distributing-fulfilling-shipping company that can help you upload and publish your own music CD.

Listen to award winning music and download music for free at Native American Music Awards (NAMA) or hear live stream contemporary or traditional pow wow music at the Native Radio Music Library.


The Oregon Flute Store has a varied selection of protective Flute Cases.
[If you carry flutes on commercial flights, check out Flying With Flutes FluteCast video and print out the regulations sheet to carry in your flute bag from Flutopedia’s Carry Native American Flutes On Commercial Flights.

Unusual instruments can be fun. Songbird Ocarina makes ceramic Eagle Bone Flute replicas and ceramic flutes with pentatonic tuning.