Our #1 Best Kept Secret for Instant Flute Circle Success

Getting To Know Frank Rävenwölf Henninger

Our circle began in 2015, at the encouragement of Frank Rävenwölf Henninger, originally founder and facilitator of the Firebird Native American Flute Circle in Phoenixville, PA, and later, founder of the SpiritFire World Music Circle in Paoli. Although we like to think he is our #1 Best Kept Secret alone, Frank also inspired the birth of the Whispering Woods Native American Flute Circle in Wilmington, Delaware.

At that time, I was feeling a bit stressed from driving an hour or more in each direction, several times a month, to play flute with others. This included the Pennsylvania Native American Flute Circle in Hummelstown, the oldest continuous flute circle in Pennsylvania. Frank suggested I contact his students in the Reading area to start my own circle.

Most flute circles begin with one person who is passionate about playing, and requires only one other person who can meet and share that passion playing together. Eventually the word gets out and the circle grows. We started with three people at the Blue Marsh Lake visitors center and grew into a mailing list of over 300 people, with regular attendance of up to 18 people each month. Unfortunately, the lockdowns and restrictions from 2020 moved us outdoors and depleted our monthly attendance, but now we are back inside and building our membership, sponsoring workshops, concerts and events.

Frank has been our steadfast mentor and biggest supporter, as he joins us with his flutes, digeridoos, metal hand pans, djembe, cajon, and other instruments. He freely gives his talent as a participant, guest facilitator and workshop leader. Professionally, he is very active as an accomplished performer and recording artist, teacher, facilitator, and workshop presenter. He has attended numerous world flute events throughout the years, conventions, retreats and workshops, and is an active member of the World Flute Society and the Mindful Music Association.

Today, Frank brings to us a wealth of knowledge and experience, and although his two circles are no longer active, he spends countless hours assisting and teaching others. On a personal note, Frank is a published author, poet, kayaker, hiking guide and adventure traveler. We are grateful for Frank’s encouragement, as we would not be in existence without him.