In the Beginning there was Fire and Passion…

Welcome! Meet the Organizers

I must say, our Three Charter Members were destined to meet on a hot July day in 2015 at Blue Marsh Lake, a perfect setting, surrounded by water, deep blue sky and bursting white clouds. Our purpose: to birth a Phoenix from the flames. This is allegorical, of course, as we were introduced to each other through Frank Rävenwölf Henninger, the facilitator of the Firebird Flute Circle in Phoenixville.

The Fire and Passion are real, though, as represented by the numerology of 3, the number of three excited individuals who met for the first time, willing to build something new and lasting. In case you were wondering, numerology is a science of numbers, over 6,000 years old, passed on from ancient Chaldea. Number 3 is the fire, talent, expansion, growth and curiosity.

Each of our three organizers combine talents in a special way that keep us growing and evolving and this is who our group is at the core, a burning creative entity with passion and courage to express individuality within the group and share it. We demonstrate having the courage to explore and share Native American Flute playing, wood crafting using gifts from “the Standing People” and building community through education, activities and events.


Donna Luhrs was raised in Reading, PA by a musical family and has a formal music education, but the simplicity of the Native American-style flute has captured her heart. She passionately shares her flute-making, flute-playing, and flute-teaching with anyone who crosses her path in sacred, healing, and entertainment settings. Donna is always on the lookout foraging fallen branches to make hand-carved flutes, which connects her with nature and nature crafting. When she is not fluting (or reading astrology charts for fun), you may find her at Pagoda Writers Group or digging in the community garden.


Helena Bunker, Sinking Spring resident, is a master gardener, lover of all things growing, all things new, who ventured into the world of Native flute at our circle’s formation and has not slowed down since. She serenades her family at holiday gatherings, plays healing music for friends in hospice, and even commissions transcription of favorite songs into NAF tablature. Helena shares her artistry and talent through masterfully designing and stitching one-of-a-kind custom flute bags. Rarely at home, she is a dedicated swimmer, yoga practitioner, and travels often to extended family gatherings.


Vickie Dash, collage artist, joins us from Zion Grove, Pennsylvania. Oneness with nature and trees connects her deeply to all of her exquisite wooden flutes. She studied at Flute Haven Native Flute School, yet plays intuitively with heart and soul that is uniquely and soothingly all her own. A master at crafting rhythm instruments from wood and bone, she brings to us her sensitivity and shares her passion — merged with patience — for teaching us how to tap into our own creativity. Vickie is an ardent collage artist, showing her miniature framed masterpieces at gallery exhibitions and teaching her craft at workshops. She created our turtle logo art using this medium.

Eager to meet the others? Turtle Moon NAFC members are featured throughout our posts.