Turtle Moon NAFC (Native American Flute Circle) is a FREE community group. Anyone who wants to listen, play or learn about Native American flute is welcome. We are family-friendly and do not discriminate. Flute players of all skill levels, guitarists, accompanists, poets, dancers, performers, drummers, guest facilitators and listeners have attended our meetings. We do provide borrowing flutes and free beginner instruction, so you do not need to own a flute to be a member or participate.

The Native American Flute

The Native American Flute is the most authentic way to make music, with an instrument designed to the proportions of the human body, tuned to a scale where there are no wrong notes, crafted so you only have to bring the instrument to your mouth… simple and pure. If you can breathe, you can make music. Our motto is, “We Hear You,” so please join us.

“Turtle Moon” name

Established on July 15, 2015 at Blue Marsh Lake, our name comes from the Tulpehocken watershed, known as the “land of the water turtles” by the Lenne Lenape Indians. People always ask us how we came up with the “moon” in our name. Beside the fact that we meet monthly, most turtle shells have 13 plates in the center (13 moons in a year) and 28 plates around the perimeter (28 days in a moon cycle), an ideal Moon Calendar used by the American Indians.

Monthly Meetings

What takes place at a flute circle meeting? We share our love for Native American flute by playing Heartsong — spontaneous music from the heart — without reading sheet music or memorization. It’s so easy, you could do it, too. Sometimes we try out tips and techniques to improve our musicianship, play along with recorded backing tracks, add rhythm accompaniment with drum circle instruments, or break into groups and create ensemble music together. As a bonus, we provide a trading blanket with new or outgrown instruments searching for a home, give away door prizes, and raffle a new or restored flute each month.

Workshops and Special Events

Flute and rhythm instrument-crafting, focus groups, outdoor interim meetings, community presentations, pow wow performances, open mic entertainment and fundraising opportunities are a sampling of the community activities we provide. We also host guest facilitators (among them Frank Henninger, formerly of Flute Haven, plus Lynn and Eric Miller, Jam Haven hosts) and performers (most recently Silver Wind, Mystic Song and Ancient Voices) and provide workshops for you to learn how to play musical instruments (including flute, didgeradoo and handpan). Feel free to contact us if you are interested in workshops, events, private lessons, ensemble classes or introductory home parties by appointment, or simply want to join our mailing list.

Our Intention

  • To communicate through music
  • To honor the history and ancestry of Native American flute and its people
  • To share, teach, learn, improve, understand and respect each other through our love of native musical instruments

It is our desire that Turtle Moon will help you create, or receive, beautiful healing vibrations in your life!